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What we do.

Neutralizing Electrosmog

Invisible, and noticeable by few, it has become a constant in our lives

Perfect For All Sized Homes

No matter what size your home is
harmony is just a click away

Providing solutions

We will work hard to provide a solution for you

No Solution? Money back!

If we cannot provide a solution with harmony we will honour our unrivalled Money-Back Guarantee.

Neutralizing Geopathic Stress

In correct doses Earth radiation is fantastic

Relief from Earth Rays

When in too high a dose
Earth Rays and water veins
can upset your harmony.

Helping with Burnout

Too Much Stress Causes Burnout

Burnout can hit you like a train

Burnout does not have to mean the end of your normality.
We can help!

Improving Drinking Water

Water quality suffers greatly, especially in cities.

Water is Important

The majority of our body is water. We need clean and healthy drinking water in order for us to stay healthy.

Deep Sleep

When we do not sleep properly our bodies cannot recover fully.

A restful sleep is important

Little or no sleep can have devastating effects, we can help bringing that back to normal.

User Reviews

I recommended your products and web-site very recently. […] I am very pleased with the product-my 16 or so fish on the garden pond are much happier and livelier as are my vegetable garden ( and other) garden pants.
I believe that the product has helped me make changes more easily as I am not so compromised by the various effects of impure water, electro-smog, and geopathic stress! The whole house feels lighter and airier.
Nina R. (UK)
Before, my wife would forbid me from driving faster than 85 mph. But after having installed the CarTuner I can cruise at 120 mph and she still look dreamily out of the window. She says she is completely relaxed and headache free. Fantastic!
Robert B. (Hannover, D)
Thank you both for sending the car harmoniser so quickly to us in France.
I did the 240km round trip to Toulouse airport yesterday & definitely noticed a difference.
I didn’t fall asleep on the journey there (as a passenger!) & felt much more awake driving home having picked up my parents.
And a big blind test was the fact that my father (who always falls asleep within 10 minutes of getting in a car & knew nothing of the harmoniser) “felt sleepy when he left the airport but then woke up on the journey
Sue A. (Surrey, UK)
The tests have proven that there is an improvement with the car tuner. Less gas consumption of about 10 to 15% and less gas emission of about 15 to 20%.
(Results of a larger, third part, independent test on 20 cars in a metropolis outside of Europe)
Jacques K. (Geneva, CH)
I’m totally thrilled by the CarTuner. I drive a lot more relaxed and have the impression that I need less diesel.
Angelika P., Biederthal (F)

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