Harmony for Home and Away

Real harmony is often misjudged and misconceived just like pure nature. Today, nature in it purest form is not available any more. What is meant is not the millions of tons of trash that we throw away and pollute our earth with but rather the copious amounts of electrosmog that is perpetually available in our cities. Even in the deepest reaches of the amazon rainforest you will still get GPS or some sort of satellite connection.

This way we have lost the primordial balance of nature. Electrosmog can seriously impede the harmonic resonance in nature.

Richard Neubersch, founder and creator of Swiss Harmony

Richard Neubersch, founder and creator of Swiss Harmony

There is no reason to point our finger at  the big companies that bring us the technology, of which we speak. It is us who keep demanding better, faster and more reliable technology and connectivity.

If this was not the case then there wouldn’t be long queues in front of an Apple store for days before release because everyone wants to be the first one to get their hands on the newest model of cell phone.

We are the ones who have made companies like Apple, Samsung, Comcast, Verizon etc. as powerful as they are today and yet we are powerless in the face of the health consequences.

The products and services that we have created offer a simple way back to natures harmony without us having to give up the wireless networks and all the gadgets that we have come to rely on.

How we do that can be read on our technological foundations page.

The experiences that our clients have had can be read on our client testimonials page.

Which options of harmonization are open to you can be found in our online shop.

We also talk about and describe in details what is meant by the terms: Electrosmog, Earth Rays, and Water Veins. Information about these topics and many more can be found in our Information Centre.