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Resonance – Beings of Frequency

2017-05-29T10:54:27+01:0029. May 2017|

"Resonance-Beings of Frequency" explains, in just under 90 minutes, the discovery of the Schumann frequency, its background and its significance for man and nature in a very detailed and unusually easy-to-understand way.

Martin Zoller confirms the BioPatch’s Effect

2016-11-03T07:42:27+00:009. December 2015|

He can see and observe how the aura of people changes. In a small experiment with the Swiss Harmony BioPatch he describes how the aura behaves during a call with and without a BioPatch in the mobile phone. His results confirm the positive effect of the BioPatch

Electrosmog in the car

2016-11-03T07:42:27+00:0025. September 2015|

Electromagnetic pollution in the car is an issue that is always current. The number of people who have unexplained complaints about their car or simply do not feel as comfortable in their new car, is growing steadily.

The BioPatch – The Multitalent

2015-09-23T18:39:10+01:0023. September 2015|

The BioPatch is our answer to today’s smartphones, which have become more a computer than a phone. There is a huge amount of features on a smartphone. it can also be used in many different ways by electrosensitive people.

More WiFi in Zurich Schools

2016-11-03T07:42:27+00:0022. September 2015|

The Baseler Zeitung (Basel Newspaper) recently reported that there has been a massive increase in the amount of WiFi antennas planned in Zurich, CH classrooms. By 2017 the amount of WiFi antennas will have doubled so that all schools have access to wireless internet. Zurich city has promised 5 Million CHF (£3.34m/5.14mUSD) for this project.

Test: The BodyCard

2016-11-03T07:42:27+00:008. March 2015|

During the "Lebenskraft" 2015 in Zurich we took aura photos of 2 clients. First without the BodyCard and then with it. The results were staggering. The Pictures prove the unique effect of the Swiss Harmony BodyCard: It strengthens the overall health of the wearer, it relaxes and provides an improved energy balance.

Oxidising Stress caused by Cell Phones

2016-11-03T07:42:27+00:0021. February 2015|

Additional study results about oxidising stress: In the glands and tissues, which are close to the phone during a cell phone conversation, considerable oxidising stress is caused by the cell phone radiation. As a result, there are damages that can cause genetic mutations, which in turn promotes the development of tumours. This is the result of a new study by a group led by the Israeli doctor Yaniv Hamzany of the University of Tel Aviv.


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