It’s official: The effect of CarTuners has been officially confirmed.

Our customers have long known it and also our own experiences have shown it clearly: The CarTuner not only reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution in the car but also the fuel consumption.

The car and setup used in the Emissions Analytics Test to have the CarTuner certified

The car and setup used in the Emissions Analytics Test to have the CarTuner certified

The certified, British company Emissions Analytics Ltd. has now officially established and confirmed this by a scientific test.

The Results

Emissions Analytics has certified that the CarTuner not only reduces fuel consumption by up to 4.6%, but also CO2 emissions by up to 4.4%.

The most sensational result, however, is that the carbon monoxide emissions, on a car fitted with the CarTuner, are reduced by up to 40%. This is a big reduction, which would have a huge positive impact on inner city quality of life.

It has also been confirmed that the NOx emissions are also reduced. We have a separate blog entry for those results.

These results refer in the first two cases to inner city traffic and in the third case to driving on country roads. The average values, as well as an accurate description of the test with the differentiated results can be seen in the Report of the Company Emission Analytics Ltd.

That the measured results did not reach the values ​​we expected, when it comes to saving fuel, is understandable because the vehicle was tested within 24 hours after installation of CarTuner. Our experience shows that the CarTuner’s effect is only fully shown after about 600 Miles. This is because the CarTuner needs to have time to unfold its full potential.

Future Tests

We intend to carry out further tests in the summer of 2016, that will confirm this claim. It will likely show a fuel saving of between 15 and 20% and emission reductions of 20% (CO2) and 80% (CO).

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