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I have solar panels, is that a problem for a harmonisation?2017-03-01T16:40:13+00:00

No, solar panels do not pose an immediate problem for a harmonisation.

Solar panels produce electricity in a DC current. This needs to be converted to AC current and go through the electrical meter before it can be fed into your home.

The best place for a harmonisation in that case is immediately after the electrical meter.

Can I wear the BioRing in the shower?2015-07-10T13:17:50+01:00

Yes. The BioRing is made with high quality silver and carbon fibre. A shower will not affect the functionality of the ring.

Where do I put the PhoneCard?2016-11-03T07:42:31+00:00

The PhoneCard is very small and bendable so it can be placed in the most awkward positions you can think of. For most gadgets you can simply place it under the battery. Like a cell/mobile phone just remove the back and take out the battery place the PhoneCard under it and replace the battery. For devices where you cannot remove the battery (e.g. Apple products) you will have to do the following:


iPhone 3 – iPhone 4s + iPhone 5c

Here you can simply place the PhoneCard onto the back side of the phone and stick it there with the Apple stickers that are supplied with every product that Apple ships. If you have lost them or have already used them then you can use the sticker supplied by Swiss Harmony.

iPhone 5 + iPhone 5s

The backside of these phones are made of aluminium but there is a small strip of glass at the top and bottom of the back. We recommend to place the PhoneCard at the bottom and in the middle and again stick it there with the Apple stickers that are supplied with every product that Apple ships. If you have lost them or have already used them then you can use the sticker supplied by Swiss Harmony.

iPhone 6 + iPhone 6 Plus

The PhoneCard should be place on the plastic strip on the back of the phone or on the Apple Logo.


All iPad minis + iPad Airs

The entire back of the iPad is made of aluminium so you will have to place the PhoneCard to the front of the iPad. The best place that we have found is to the left of the home button at the bottom of the device. You can stick it here with a simple piece of clear sticky tape.

iPads with black plastic apple logos on the back.

iPads that have black apple logos on the back made of plastic are the ones released before the iPad Air hit the shelves. With these models you can stick the PhoneCard on that Apple logo and stick it there with the Apple stickers that are supplied with every product that Apple ships. If you have lost them or have already used them then you can use the sticker supplied by Swiss Harmony.



The PhoneCard should be place on the plastic strip on the back of the phone

Can I lend my BodyCard to Friends and Family?2015-04-13T17:29:19+01:00
The BodyCard can be given to anyone at any time. In principle you can see the BodyCard as a MP3-Player, you can give it to anyone, but you will want it back… This is the same for all our other mobile products like the BioRing, BioBracelet, PhoneCard, and CarTuner.
Do the products need to be energetically cleansed?2015-04-13T17:31:27+01:00
No, our products do not need to be energetically cleanses as they only give off information and do not absorb anything.
Is there a maximum time I can wear the products?2015-04-13T17:35:01+01:00
There is no maximum time you should/can wear our mobile products. You can safely wear them 24/7. This includes at night when you sleep. To avoid that the body get used to the harmonization too much it is recommended that after a week of continuous use a day of rest from the products should be scheduled in.
Do healing stones interfere with Swiss Harmony?2015-04-13T17:39:41+01:00
Healing stones also transfer information, in form on frequencies, onto the body. This could possibly lead to disturbances with the frequency spectrum that our products use. This could lead to improper functioning of both items. The effects cannot be reliably predicted. In this case the only best way to find out if they work together would be for you to find out for yourself it they work together. Everyone reacts differently to certain stimuli.
Can the effects of the devices diminish?2015-04-14T13:56:34+01:00

No. Our products and devices have a life long effectivity as long as they are handled with care.

If at some point you feel that the effects of our products are not as intense as they were at the beginning then there is often a rational explanation for it.

There have been many situations where we have had people contact us and say that they would like to return the products because they have stopped working. Most of these cases were resolved when they noticed that they had introduced a second source of harmonization. This may be in the form of: simple pyramids or any shapes and symbols that have the function of harmonizing.

Please go through your home and have a good look at the items you have bought or have gotten as a gift. If you cannot find anything please contact us.


Can I test Swiss Harmony products before I buy them?2015-04-14T13:58:54+01:00

No. Although other companies opt for this service, we rather offer the guarantee of your money back within 30 days of purchase for all mobile products and 4 months for the BioHome.

I have installed the Home Harmonization but some areas are still not as good as others.2016-11-03T07:42:31+00:00

Irregularities in the effectivity of the home Harmonization can mostly be traced to the influence of other objects that have a similar functionality. May it be something larger that you have displayed in the home or something more personal like an amulet.

More than once it has been found that objects such as pyramids, cubes and other forms of the so-called Platonic solids cause a lack of effectivity of Swiss Harmony products. In this case, the size and material of the objects seem to make no difference. Even symbols like the flower of life or gems can be disruptive .

If you have anything like that in your home then the next step would be to wrap them in aluminum foil that has been folded onto itself, with the shiny sides facing each other. This renders them ineffective.

Can I wear the BodyCard and the BioRing at the same time?2015-07-02T19:35:53+01:00

If you wear the BodyCard and BioRing same time it leads to a dual harmonisation. That does not mean that it will be twice as good but rather that it leads to unintentional interference caused by the vibrations emanating from the products that are not in phase.
Imagine a song that you are listening to through headphones on your mp3-player while your stereo also plays the same song, however, you have not started the songs at the same time. The result is a rather unpleasant cacophony. Similarly, if you wear two products your body feels the simultaneous influence of two harmonising systems.
So the answer is: You need to decide whether you prefer to wear the BodyCard or BioRing. Both are not recommended.

How much does a consultation cost?2015-07-02T19:40:36+01:00

Swiss Harmony does not charge for a consultation so it wont cost you a penny.
Together we walk through every room of your house or your apartment to determine the predominant sources of radiation and their strength.
Once we have identified where, what type and intensity the radiation is in your home and only after all your questions are answered to your satisfaction, you can decide whether you want a harmonisation or not.b Sie eine Harmonisierung wünschen oder nicht.

How long do the Swiss Harmony Products last?2015-07-02T19:45:07+01:00

The Swiss Harmony Products are designed with longevity and effectiveness in mind. The oldest devices of its type are 25 years old and still work as they did on day one.

How do I know that your system is better than others?2016-11-03T07:42:31+00:00

Whether a system is better than another, can only be answered with respect to the intentions and expectations of the one asking the question.

A person who is convinced that they have to protect themselves from something bad that exists “out there” and all that will help is if they reduce their exposure to an absolute minimum, for them shielding methods, usually applied by building biologists, like protective wallpaper and paint is the best option because only then will they feel safe.

A person who feels that they always lack energy may want a system that gives them more energy. Even then Shielding measures won’t have a positive effect on them. It has been shown though that a constant surplus of energy actually weakens the body on the long run.

Then there are measures that create a protective bell where all the radiation bounces off of. In this case the neighbours will be doubly thankful for the Double dose of radiation. Also this measure will usually cause your cell phones to fail.

Why is Swiss Harmony different?

Part of the Swiss Harmony technology, that neither the body, the water nor the living space is “energised”.
Swiss Harmony is a technology based on pure information. It gives off no energy. Where would it get the energy from? Instead Swiss Harmony informs energy systems. May it be the energy system of the human body or that of a house. Swiss Harmony creates a harmonious oscillation field in an energy system.
Thus, it supports people in their deepest desire for harmony with oneself and the environment.

More information about the BioHome harmonisation.


Is there a maintenance cost?2015-07-03T15:28:43+01:00

The devices require no electricity or other forms of energy supply for their proper functioning.
They also need no maintenance or ongoing care.
In other words, you only for a harmonisation once, no hidden costs.
There are no follow-up costs or other additional expenses in the future.

Here is our price list.

Do I have to get a proffessional involved for installation?2015-07-03T15:45:30+01:00

No, the installation of the device does not require the skills of a plumber or an electrician. The devices are attached to the respective main supply lines (electricity, water) but they are not connected to them.
Swiss Harmony devices act through resonance. So neither the water nor electricity must flow through the devices. They must just flow past them.
Nevertheless, there are certain things to consider to ensure a correct positioning.
More information on the technical background of Swiss Harmony can be found here.


What happens when I move into a new home?2016-11-03T07:42:31+00:00

The sooner the products are installed in the new home, the better. The best time would be right after you have received the keys to the new place. Your old home still resonates with the harmonic frequencies for weeks (time is dependant on the duration of the harmonisation) after the devices have been removed, so you will not be without protection in you old home and will be protected from the get go when you move into your new home.

Things to watch out for when removing the devices

You can remove the devices yourself. When you do , you have to immediately rap the devices in double layered aluminium foil. The shiny side should be folded onto itself so you can only see the matt side of the foil. If for some reason you cannot wrap it you have to ensure that the devices are no where near any power cables or sources.


The installation of the devices should be done by a Swiss Harmony representative. You can also follow our product information videos to install the devices yourself. For control, we recommend you to send us a picture of the result.
You can also ask the original Swiss Harmony representative that installed the devices if they would come and do it for you. In this case they may levy a call out charge for this service.

Important Note:

Have you ever thought of leaving Swiss Harmony in your old home and leave it for the next tenant, or the new owner? Perhaps they would pay you an appropriate renumeration for it, if you explain to them the benefits of a harmonization. As a already existing client of Swiss Harmony you would get your new harmonization at a special price. For further information please contact us.


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