Part 7: How noticeable is the harmonisation?

Many people may not notice the effects of a home harmonisation overtly. This is not surprising because most people are not consciously aware of environmental influences in their home or the way in which these influences affect their health. How, then, should they notice when these environmental stresses cease to influence them? Usually only very sensitive people experience harmonisation on a physical level when the home’s energy field loses its burdensome quality. Often, after harmonisation, you will experience a weak tingling sensation in your body that disappears after a short time. You may also observe that the room has become cooler. These are the consequences of an altered distribution of ions in the air. The negative-ion content increases, causing the positive-ion level, which was just above head height before harmonisation, to drop down to knee level. Negative-ions bind themselves to fine particles and transform into positive-ions, which fall in the positive-ion region. As a result, the air contains fewer dust particles and is fresher.

How can I tell if a harmonisation is successful?

The effects of harmonisation are immediate. These usually include:

  1. Less dust on shelves and cabinets because of the increased negative-ion level
  2. Sleep disorders become rare or disappear completely
  3. Physical symptoms may change and disappear
  4. People, especially children, are often more quiet and less prone to fighting or quarrelling