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BioPatch – The Multitalent


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The BioPatch is used for suppression of electro-smog, earth radiation and water veins, the harmonisation of food and beverages as well as on the go.
The BioPatch is supplied with an additional product, the “Hafty”. An equally large, 1 mm thick part, which consists of nano-suckers. Together with the BioPatch there are additional application possibilities.

The BioPatch has been scientifically proven to work by the Institute for Resonance Phenomena


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The BioPatch is our answer to today’s smartphones, which have become more a computer than a phone. There is a huge amount of features on a smartphone. These features it use separate communication methods:

  1. Mobile for voice transmission
  2. Data transfer via LTE
  3. Wireless (WiFi)
  4. Bluetooth
  5. GPS (positioning)
  6. NFC (Near Field Communication)

We have found that our PhoneCard may no longer be sufficient for all of these, even if it can neutralise most of it. According to some of our highly sensitive customers a small residue of stress still remains.

BioPatch Application

The BioPatch was created as a product that is not only suitable for all smartphones, present and future but also to be as effective as our BodyCard. It can therefore be used in many ways:

  • Self-protection (trouser or shirt pocket, directly on the skin or in your shoe)
  • Harmonizing of food and drinks
  • With pets
  • At work
  • To travel
  • Together with the included “Hafty” your imagination knows no boundaries with respect to its areas of use.


Materials ( Biopatch ) : Carbon
Dimensions ( Biopatch ) : 30 mm x 40 mm x 0.3 mm
Material ( Hafty ) : Silicone
Dimensions ( Hafty , included) : 30 mm x 40 mm x 1 mm

For more information, click here.

For a better idea of how and where to install the BioPatch please see our instruction page here.

1 review for BioPatch – The Multitalent

  1. ekomi customer

    Used on my iPhone–feel better now that it is there.

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