BioPendant neutralises Electrosmog effects


  • Neutralises negative effects of electrosmog
  • Helps with burnout and exhaustion
  • Harmonises you body
  • Strengthens your concentration ability
  • Improves your wellbeing
  • Increases your endurance


The BioPendant has the same effect as the very effective and popular BioRing. By creating a harmonic field in the body, other non-harmonic frequency cannot resonate. This way all know negative effects from environmental stresses like Electrosmog, cell phone radiation, water veins, earth rays etc. will not have an influence on you any longer.

The BioPendant also helps the body to ignore HAARP influences and contains information that supports personal growing processes.

The effect of the beautifully crafted pendant is immediately noticeable by sensitive clients.

Based on the harmonic base frequency that the BioPendant creates and permeates through the body, other harmonic “side effects” that are positive for the wearer like: better sleep, higher inner balance, more available energy etc.

BioPendant Material:

925 Sterling Silver
Pure Carbon Fibre with a magnetic strip (no actual magnetic properties)

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Every Swiss Harmony product can be returned to us within 30 day without having to give a reason, if the expectations where not met. An exchange is also possible.

Prices and handling times:

Silver model: 175 GBP inc. necklace (2-5 days)

The BioPendant has been scientifically proven to work by the Institute for Resonance Phenomena


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