The CarTuner was initially developed to neutralise electro-smog in the car and to counteract symptoms like drowsiness, road rage, micro-sleep and irritability.

After getting reports that the fuel consumption is also reduced, we decided to undertake a challenge to get some answers. We planned a trip from London to Edinburgh and back to test how much the actual savings come to.

We did the trip once completely without any modification and then once again with the Swiss Harmony CarTuner on board.

All the while we were careful to chart the exact route we took and the speed we were going at so that we could recreate it on both trips.

We also invited Jonathan and Matthew from J Motion, A video production company in the UK, to accompany us and to capture the results on video.


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We had a staggering result.

On the trip up to Edinburg, which was 406 miles long, we used 34.77 litres of fuel. That equates to a consumption of 53.08 Miles per gallon or 5.3 Litres per 100 Kilometers.

On the return journey from Edinburgh to London, which was 414 Miles long, we used 39.67 litres of fuel. That equates to a consumption of 47.44 mpg or 6.0 l/100km.

Now having the data fixed for the unharmonised trip we were ready to do the trips again but this tim with the Swiss Harmony CarTuner installed.

This time on the trip up to Edinburgh we only used 26.89 litres of fuel. That equates to a consumption of 68.64 mpg or 4.1 l/100km. That is an improvement of a staggering 22%.

On the way back down to London we only used 33.66 litres of fuel. That equates to a consumption of 55.91 mpg or 5.1 l/100km. That is an improvement of 15% on the unharmonised trip.

Here is all the data again at one glance

Unharmonised Harmonised Difference in %
London to Edinburgh (406 miles) 53.08mpg 68.64mpg 20% saving
Edinburgh to London (414 miles) 47.44mpg 55.91mpg 15% saving

These are hugely successful results for the CarTuner. This could not only save you money on fuel but less fuel consumption also means less emissions. 

We will be testing the difference in emission without and with the CarTuner soon. 

So watch this space for a new video blowing your mind even more.

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