Swiss Harmony International GmbH – Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of the Agreement and Contract

1.1 These terms and conditions (T&C) apply to sales contracts with consumers and businesses that are completed on the website of the provider.
1.2 The order is to be confirmed by Swiss Harmony International GmbH. The contract is regarded as concluded when the confirmation is received by the buyer. If Swiss Harmony International GmbH fails to confirm within a reasonable period, the buyer can consider the agreement as terminated and may contract with another supplier, without penalty.
1.3 For sales contracts that were entered into by a different medium, such as: by phone, fax or letter, these Terms & Conditions also apply. Before confirmation of the order there is an indication as to where the customer can download an electronic copy of the Terms & Conditions. If a customer does not agree to the Terms & Conditions of the contract then he or she may withdraw from the agreement.


2. Prices and Price Changes

2.1 The prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (£) or US Dollars ($). All prices include tax at (8%) and handling fees. Shipping costs will be charged extra where applicable.
2.2 Swiss Harmony reserves the right to change prices at any time. For any order, the prices published on the website on the order-date are valid.


3. Delivery and Cancellation

3.1 Delivery in Switzerland is normally within 2 – 3 working days. Within Europe it can take up to 5 days. Worldwide can be considerably longer. If a longer delivery time is needed or expected, the customer will be notified within 48 hours of placing the order. Swiss Harmony International GmbH cannot be held liable for delays caused by factors out of its hand, such as: strikes, weather conditions, etc.
3.2 If a customer wishes to cancel the purchase, due to defective products or any other reason that Swiss Harmony International GmbH can be held responsible for, Swiss Harmony International GmbH will refund all monies including the postage required to return the products to Swiss Harmony International GmbH.

4. Free trial

4.1 Swiss Harmony International GmbH reserves the right to offer a selection of its products for a free trial. In such cases, the customer will receive the goods with a corresponding invoice. The trial period begins when the product reaches the customer. The length of the trial period is 30 days. When the trial period expires, the customer agrees to either pay the invoice in full (by the means listed in the invoice and reiterated in clause 6 in this agreement) or return the goods in undamaged condition, together with the invoice. In this case the postage and packaging will have to be paid by the customer.

4.2 If the product is lost or damaged beyond repair by fault and/or negligence of the customer the price of the product is to be paid in full and without any delay.


5. Liability and warranty

5.1 For a period of at least 60 months, Swiss Harmony International GmbH guarantees that all of its products have the properties they are advertised with. Furthermore it is guaranteed that all of the products have no impairing defects that could compromise the required performance specifications set by Swiss Harmony International GmbH headquarters in Switzerland.
5.2 The buyer is to report all defects of the product (if any) immediately after delivery. A claim can be sent to our competent customer service at
Hidden, concealed or not apparent defects of the goods can still be reported after the products have been either installed or put to use.

5.3 If there is a defect in a product that doesn’t originate from carelessness of the customer and can be proven to have originated in the Swiss Harmony International GmbH production, the buyer has the right to procure a replacement or a refund (in accordance to clause 3.2).

5.4 The client agrees not to tamper with or deconstruct any products. If they are in breach of this clause they are liable for prosecution by law.

5.5 Please note that the external high-frequency influences, geopathic stress, underground water courses, electromagnetic fields etc. that are mention on the website ‘’ are only one of many possibilities of any symptoms a person might have and may not be the source of their ailment.



6. Payment

6.1 Payment are possible in any of the following ways:
• PayPal
• Credit Cards
• by bank transfer

7. Liability for on-line connections

7.1 Swiss Harmony International GmbH is committed to provide security and continuance in accordance with current technical standards and to follow the current laws of data protection in all systems and programs that it has influence on or has ownership of.
7.2 The customers must ensure the security of their systems, programs and data that reside in their jurisdiction. In their own interest, customers should not give passwords and/or usernames to third parties and always keep them confidential.

7.3 Swiss Harmony International GmbH cannot be liable for defects, malfunctions and actions of third-party companies with whom it collaborates or from which it depends.

7.4 Also, Swiss Harmony International GmbH is not liable for improper action and disregard for the risks of customers and third parties, excessive strain, unsuitable equipment of the customer or third party, extreme environmental conditions, interference by the customer or interference by third parties that happen in spite of the necessary current security arrangements.

8. Application of law and jurisdiction

8.1 For all customer complaints, the court of the domicile or headquarters of a party is applicable. For claims of Swiss Harmony International GmbH, the court of the domicile of the defendant is applicable.


9. Returns

9.1 The client has the right to request a refund of any product, including the house harmonisation, if they believe that it did not have the effect advertised. The claim period is up to 4 months (120 days) after the Harmonisation process begins (Installation of the Biotuner Climate) or until the harmonisation process is completed. Which ever comes first. There are exceptions to the length of the claim period.

9.2 30 days for all mobile products

If you are not satisfied with the effects of our products, you have the option to send the product back to us, provided it is one of the products offered on the Internet. This includes all of our products with the exception of: BioStoneRing, BioWeddingRing and Biotuners Climate and Water

9.3 4 months for house harmonisations

If the BioHome was installed by a Swiss Harmony International GmbH trained consultant then the full money-back period is granted. If it is necessary to ship the products then the client will be liable for shipping. To take advantage of this the client should contact customer services.

9.4 BioHome DIY Installations

If the installation is done by the client without any consultation or final sign off by Swiss Harmony then no Money-Back-Guarantee applies. If the client sends pictures of their harmonisation and the installation has been checked and signed off by Swiss Harmony International GmbH then the full 4 months guarantee applies.


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