The BioRing keeps you free from Electrosmog


The BioRing creates a harmonic resonance in your body meaning that anything that is not in harmony with that frequency cannot resonate with your body. This in turn means that you are not influenced by the negative effects that electrosmog or geopathic stress could otherwise have on your body and your health.

The BioRing has been scientifically proven to work by the Institute for Resonance Phenomena

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Outside: 930 Silver
Inside: Carbon fibre
Exclusively hand crafted by Beat Schild (“Gold & Stein”, Brienz, Switzerland) to the specifications and standards of Swiss Harmony.

The BioRing is informed with information designated by Swiss Harmony that create a harmonic frequency spectrum in the human body. With which no other frequency that is in disharmony can resonate. Through this process the harmful effects that are known to originate from mobiles, underground watercourses, geopathic stress, environmental toxins etc. can be rendered ineffective on the body.

Swiss Harmony works on the grounds of laws that the physics community is accepting more and more.

The BioRing will help with possible influences from the HAARP-Project and includes elements that supports personal growth stimulation.

We recommend to wear it when you know you will be travelling a lot or in extreme stress, like you would wear gloves when its cold.

Mit dem BioRing von SwissHarmony beliben Sie länger fit und ungestört von Elektrosmog

The Swiss Harmony BioRing will keep you fit for longer and free from electrosmog.

Like with any other Swiss Harmony product you are entitled to return the product within 30 days if you are not satisfied with it. As long as it is undamaged and unscathed we will issue a full refund of the purchase price.


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